This short film is a creation of filmmaking genius. The basic story by Daniel H. Wilson is as close to Philip K. Dick as you can get and still stay original, and Cimini has brought the tale to the screen with all the finesse of a huge Hollywood budget. Lambert Wilson as Papa drives the character elements of the adventure with all the quality you have come to expect from such a solid actor. The flicks between filtered scenes of nicety and the broken down neon mess that Vanille actually looks like are edited together in such a way that, even though you were expecting the plot twist when it happens, you are still left in awe.” —

This movie doesn t just excel in its aesthetics and the atmosphere it creates. It s also a remarkably engaging story that draws you in slowly, leaving trails and questions to be asked and answered.” —

It’s a film-maker’s accomplished work that presents to audience cogently an atmosphere that can be understood, sensed and to some extent even felt. And, this delicious short, palatably captured, a personal favorite of mine now, delivers. From the set design, to cinematography and also its eerie score, all present the emotional world of author Daniel H. Wilson’s story and director Giacomo Cimini’s work of art. To make a solid film, whether a feature length or short, to be understood and discussed, a film-maker must have a focused vision and mind. This film-maker here is in top of his game as he’s offered us a stunning short that is still ambitious and quite accomplished.” —

“The Nostalgist has an exquisite look that develops both the Victorian-esque fantasy and the mechanically advanced life where reality is a choice is bursting with this complexity, both stirring and profound. With a strong acting centre and a vibrant aesthetic by Wonder Room Productions, The Nostalgist is a stirring short film.” —