25th Island of Greece Meme Explained :

There’s been a meme rumoured on Twitter about, quite a lot. However, people are been asking about the joke about the 25th island of the Greece Meme. Here’s how the joke is?

People on Twitter have been exploding about this meme and it’s trending a lot. What is actually 25th island on Greece? How is this so funny? Here’s all about it..!

Island of Greece Meme

If you have active on Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok etc., since a long time you must be aware about the trending post regarding “the 25th island of Greece.” Greece has around 6,000 islands in total and almost 227 are inhabited. Yet, everyone is talking about the 25th island of Greece.

Large number of audience is surfing over the net to find out what actually is “the 25th island of Greece.” Moreover, if you google you will get this result you will get vivid hilarious results.


25th island of Greece

It will show you results about Amorgos an island in Greece. Amorgos is an island but what is reason this name so viral? People are co-relating this name with the famous multiplayer game, ‘Among Us’.

Among Us is a multi-player game which was launched by an American Gaming Studio, Innersloth. This game has developed a large scale fan base. So this makes it funny.

The words propelled aren’t actually similar or alike. Even the fans of Among Us think this funny and take it as a joke.


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