Ministry Gunman Sekiro

Ministry Gunman Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of the Action-Adventure video game . Ministry gunman sekirois developed and published by Activision. The game is based on the story of a shinobi taking revenge on a samurai clan that attacked him and his master. We will see the details of the game.

Where to find fulminated mercury?

In shadow Die Twice:

Ministry gunman sekiro

Here are some ways to find the fulminated mercury :

  • You can easily get 1x in outskirts of Ashina , and after setting it on fire next to a cannon near the ogre.
  • We can easily get 1x in Ashina Reservoir behind the Seven Spears miniboss.
  • You can easily get 2x from the Hirata Manor near the second Juzou encounter.
  • But, We can easily get 1x in the outskirts of Ashina after lighting the fire where the original ogre was at the top of the stairs.

Ministry gunman sekiro

So, in this game , you will see that you are in the Poison Pool of the Ashina Depths .First you need to clear the area of all the deadly hostiles including Mini-boss .Therefore, after that you will loot the surroundings. So, To begin with , climb the next lwdge to backstab a Cannon Gunman on the right of you.

Some tips and tricks-

Ministry gunman sekiro

  1. players can carry a maximum of 99 materials.
  2. Trivia andgt; The phrase “Chemical Adaptation” in this item’s description may be a reference to the Breaking Bad episode “Crazy Handful of Nothin’,” .After destroying the thief’s office and receiving his money, the thief asks what he used to create the explosion. He replied “Fulminated mercury, a little chemistry adjustment”.
  3. user experience :-Again, it can be imprisoned by Cannoneers in Gun Fort and on the outskirts on Ashina but befire it can be farmed with the Bell Demon Park.

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