Painter Of The Night Season 3 Everything You Need To Know.

Painter of the night is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Byeonduck. The manga was released in 2019 and published by Lehzin comics. There have been two seasons released uptil now and fans are eager for the third season.

Painter of the night Synopsis.

The story revolves around Na-Kyum. Na-Kyum is a painter with exceptional talent. He paints erotic pictures of men and is very good at it. After a while of releasing a few of his paintings under a pseudonym, he decides to quit. Yoon Seungho hears about the paintings Na-kyum had been creating. He hires him to be his private painter. From there on, the nights that awaited Na-kyum were beyond anything he could have ever imagined.


Yoon Seungho- Young nobleman and the eldest son of the Yoon family, Seungho is known for being a man with insatiable lust. He takes an interest in Na-Kyum’s paintings. Seungho asks Na-Kyum to create erotic paintings invloving himself and also others. He is impatient, spoiled and very violent. Seungho also knows his way around a sword and does not shy away from being violent with it. He also once takes a poem Na-kyum wrote and tells him he can have it back when he resumes painting.

Painter of the night season 3; all you need to know.

Baek Na-Kyum- Abandoned as a child, Na-kyum was raised at the house of Kisaeng. He is a very talented painter. He uses his talent to paint erotic paintings and then publishes them under a pseudonym. Na-Kyum is very good at painting from memory. One of the reasons he quits painting erotic images is because finds them filthy. He gets hired by seungho and works for him against his own will.

Painter of the night season 3; all you need to know.

Painter of the night season 3 updates

The third season of painter of the night was about to release in august last year. Since then there have been no updates. The fans have been impatient and have come up with a lot of theories. Lezhin has the previous chapters of Painter of the night.

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