A town uncovered; Gameplay and cheat codes!

A town uncovered is an erotic adult simulation game. It is a single player role playing game filled with erotic scenarios and situations. The game was developed for Microsoft by Game developer GeeSeki.


A Town Uncovered  takes place in a small suburb which is a home to sinful girls. These girls desire intimate adventures with the protagonist. The game is a visual novel where you have to go on dates with different women, which can end in sexual entertainment. In this game your character will encounter scenes of an erotic nature that is designed for adult users. Enjoy scenes of an intimate nature, which will be shown during the passage of the story. Parental guidance is advised

A town uncovered; Gameplay and cheat codes!

A Town uncovered cheat codes

  • Cheat Code 0.39a: sourjournal
  • Cheat 0.38b: diditmove
  • Cheats 0.36a: hellsfired
  • Cheat Code 0.34A: stickmentos
  • Cheats 0.32B: barelybear
  • Cheat Code 0.31A: carrymaria
  • Cheats 0.30C: pumpkinsplice
  • Cheat Code 0.29a: smokeyribage
  • Cheat Code 0.28a: earthonlife
  • Cheats 0.27a: sanicrans
  • Cheat Code 0.26a: walkingsim
  • Cheat Code 0.25a: serialclown
  • Cheats 0.24c: cantmimicit
  • Cheat Code 0.23c: juniorpest
  • Cheat Code 0.22a: juniorpest
  • Cheats 0.22b: mozziefly
  • Cheat Code 0.21a: gunslinger
  • Cheat Code 0.20b: wordedpipe
  • Cheats 0.18c: staticfour

How to use the cheats?

A town uncovered; Gameplay and cheat codes!

The menu of the cheat codes is in-game in ‘Your Phone’ on the upper left corner of the screen. If you don’t see the phone, complete the first 2 objectives. The first two objectives are as follows: wake up Jane her and talk with Mrs & Mr Smith. Now open ‘Your Phone’ and check there are arrows in the Contacts and in the Skills tabs. That means you can increase or decrease your Contacts level and also your Skills levels. You can set up all your Contacts level to 10 and can do the same with new contacts in the future. You can click on No Skill limit, then max all your skills which are Intelligence, Charisma, Strength, Stamina and Luck.

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