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Eleceed is about Jiwoo and Kayden who use their extra ordinary abilities to fight evil. Jiwoo has the reflexes of a cat and kayden awakens in the body of a cat. Together they fight those forces who would let evil rule this world.

Characters in Eleceed

Jiwoo: Jiwoo Seo is the protagonist of Eleceed. He is a disciple of kayden. Jiwoo super powers include Electrokineses and super speed. He spent is entire childhood alone in the fear of revealing his powers. His family also moved a lot in the past in order to keep his ability a secret, which only further contributed to his isolation. The first ever friend he made was a stray cat, hence Jiwoo loves cats.

His Character is illustrated with light cream hair that is short and straight. He has a slim and muscular build from regular training. His face is said to be very naive looking and kind. He is often seen with a smile.

Kayden: Kayden Break is one of the strongest awakened ones. Due to being heavily injured and needing to hide, he transforms into a cat. His main ability is Electrokineses and he lives with Jiwoo. Kayden lives with Jiwoo as his mentor. He is also known to destroy any opponent in his path hence he earns the nickname of break.

Eleceed Chapter 155

Eleceed chapter 155 was released on 24th august 2021. In this chapter Jiwoo apppears as the world awakeners are not able to track his moves and locations. As Jiwoo appeared, its revealed that there’s someone among the Korean rookies who can overpower duke. Jiwoo stands against duke as Subin lee’s substitute. Jiwoo will either fight duke or duke will be declared as a winner. He is eager to take revenge.

How to access Eleceed.

Eleceed is published online so you can read it on webtoon app or website as well as, they frequently update chapters.

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