Kill The Hero Everything you need to know.

Kill the hero is the story about Kim Woo-Jin and his revenge on his former guildmates. The author of the Manga is D-dart and it has 11 volumes and 213 chapters.

What is Kill the hero about?

Kim Woo-Jin the protagonist is betrayed and killed by his most trusted friend. Kim Woo-Jin then decides to return to the past and get his revenge. He becomes a monster hunter in the newly created dungeon world.

Protagonist Kim Woo-Jin.

The protagonist Kim is described as a college student. Kim is more of a distant anti-social person who prefers to be alone. His early life was mostly not revealed. Kim Woo-Jin was abandoned by his parents and he lived by himself for an unspecified period.

After the dungeon outbreaks, he decides to be a monster hunter. In the timeline of the comics during early 2020 he was hired by delta company, a company that was formed by the government to take down monsters that have escaped from dungeons. His high-level kills quickly garner him notoriety among the game plebs, while boosting his stats as he masterminds his way closer to the top.

Kill the hero; Everything you need to know.

Kim Woo-Jin quotes.

  • “I hated the world. I was abandoned as soon as I was born and treated like an animal. A reason to like the world was nowhere to be found.”
  • “I was always alone.”

Where to read Kill the Hero online.

As for the record the previous English translation of Kill the Hero was published online recently. You can read it on official website as well as which frequently update chapters.

The author D-dart.

D-dart is the author of Kill the hero. He is also known for his other works such as Archmage Streamer, Kill the hero (novel), The first hunter, and Emperor of solo play (novel)

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