Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Ep-13 : Summary And Plot

The Seven Deadly Sins : It is only of the Japanese manga series that was written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. In this whole series, we follow the third princess of the Kindom of Liones whose name is Elizabeth . As she searches for the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of disbanded former Holy Knights is fall.

Seven deadly sins season 5 Ep-13:

This manga‘s 13th episode’s name is  The Angel of Destruction「破壊の使徒, Hakai no Shito」.


Seven deadly sins

As his true power got revealed , then he clashes with Helbram, who notices Meliodas performing his dark abilities. Helbrum steals his sword as per after wining from him.

Seven deadly sins

But after that , Ban carries the Elizabeth, Hawk, and King for safety while the Diane return to her

again to her usual size . Then give Gideon an earth-shaking, which force Helbrum to retreat with Jericho and Guila in a haul.

Then after that the Ban and the king explain their reasons that why they take back their kingdom. Meliodas promises that he would end the ongoing war with his stolen sword.

Seven deadly sins


In this, Meliodas cuts off the Guila hand by making a attack on her . Then he sends the another magic wave at the Guila which^ maker her unconcious. Then, jerico comes and save the Guila and then he use a recovery spell on Guila. Then , he stares in to the abyss . Upset the Marmas and threw her there. Then, instantly a anonymous piBut, Meliodas and Helbram keep fighting and it looks like Meliodas is finally getting a upper hand over Helbram .

Seven deadly sins

She wakes up and then says that Meliodas has been emitting a haunting mystical energy and then  he goes to Helbrum to fights will Meliodas . He is just been playing with him . As he just wanted to know the depth of meliodas power.

For eliminating him, he uses his hunter wips . After that , he began making notes of what he saw there.Then , He promises to ends the war.

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