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Taffy Tales is a visual game for 18+ players. The main character will be a young man who suffers from a divided personality. The game is based on the intricate relationship between the characters and evolves into a compelling story.

Taffy Tales synopsis

In Taffy Tales, you rule a boy with multiple personality disorders who slowly discovers the dark side of his townspeople. The story of this game is based on the intricate relationship between the characters. The game evolves into a compelling story that remains clear despite having a heavy erotic theme. You have complete freedom to unravel all the mysteries and progress of the story by solving puzzles and missions. Each mission of Taffy tales is harder and harder than the last. The game allows unlocking new characters and scenes. It is an adult game that will appeal to fans and novices alike.

Taffy Tales cheat codes and more.


  • The game has high-level animations and effects.
  • The new view expands the range of options available to players.
  • Added new object identification.
  • Added new challenges and discoveries.
  • Updated in-game gallery.
  • Increase project efficiency.
  • Fixed Android freeze animation.

Taffy Tales Cheat codes

There are a few cheat codes in Taffy tales, one is to Max stats and money and second is to save unlock.

Max stats and money– This cheat code can only be applied when you’ve started a new game. o use this cheat code first download the game and install it and then before starting the game there will be a window where you can change the MC game. Below this option, you will find a space to enter the cheat code. So the cheat code to Max Stas and Money is ozllpw V0.68.2a.

Save unlock– To use this cheat code you need to apply it right at the start of the new update. After installing the update and opening the new game you will have to click on the padlock (press to unlock) button. There you will enter the cheat code. The cheat code for this amazing feature is qmsaeg V0.68.2a.

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