The Beginning After The End Chapter 116 Know Everything You Need To Know

The beginning after the end is a Japanese Manga written and illustrated by TurtleMe. Its about Arthur Leywin and how he tries to live a more fulfilled life than his previous one. The story takes the reader on an amazing and emotional ride through a well-developed world.

The Beginning after the end synopsis.

This novel follows the life of King grey who is reborn as Arthur Leywin. The death of King Grey is untimely and mysterious. The world he is reborn in is called Dicathen and its dark and full of fantasy. In this new world, Arthur is a kid with the maturity of an experienced king. Arthur begins a long journey in finding his purpose in this new world he lives in. Here he is the child of two adventurers and gains purpose through each new experience. He establishes himself in this new world as a respected figure and gets more and more comfortable as the time passes by.

The Beginning after the end; Chapter 116 and more.

But, adversary strikes when a war starts between Dicathen and Vritra. Arthur must rise to the occasion and be the leader. He fears he’s going to turn into the war-head he was in his previous life. As the war goes on, Arthur learns that his death and fate means more than what it is.

Summary of Chapter 116

The chapter begins with Arthur on the edge of a ravine. He has an injured leg and is looking for a place to hide. A titan bear appears out of nowhere. The titan bear plans on feasting on Arthur’s flesh. An intense battle takes place between Arthur and the bear. During the whole fight Arthur tries to channel the Mana so he can either escape or save himself. He performs quick burst steps in order to evade the bears punches. At last, he channels the energy he needs and punches the bear right in the stomach. The punch sends the bear flying into a wall and knocks him out.  Windsom appears on the scene and helps Arthur

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