Will There Be American Assassin 2? Know The Latest Update

American Assassin made in 2017 is an action thriller directed by Michael Cuesta. Mitch Rapp loses his girlfriend in a terrorist attack. He then vows to kill the person who ordered the attack by joining the CIA. The movie initially received mixed reviews from critics. Avid movie lovers now wonder if there is going to be an American Assassin 2. Find out more in this article.

What is American Assassin about?

Based on Vince Flynn‘s novel of the same name, this movie is about young Mitch Rapp played by Dylan O’Brien who joins the CIA to seek vengeance. Mitch’s girlfriend gets killed in a terrorist attack and hence to get the revenge he seeks, he makes it his goal to find the terrorist who caused the attack and kill him. He joins the CIA and trains under Stan Hurley played by Michael Keaton. He later also helps the veteran in stopping the detonation of a huge nuclear weapon.

Will there be an American Assassin 2?

American Assassin cast.

The movie boasts a good cast with Michael Keaton being the biggest name, who does a great job. There’s also Dylan O’Brien who plays Mitch Rapp the protagonist. Dylan is known for his works in Maze runner and Teen wolf. The other cast members include Sanaa Lathan as CIA Deputy Director Irene Kennedy, Shiva Negar as VAJA Agent Annika, Taylor Kitsch as Ronnie “Ghost”, David Suchet as CIA Director Stansfield, Navid Negahban as Minister Behruz.

Will there be an American Assassin 2?

Will there be a 2nd movie?

Unfortunately, there seems to be no signs of an American Assassin 2 being made. There is announcement regarding another movie. According to sources, the movie will be released in 2023 or 2024 but we can’t say that these estimates are true until the official notification to the film. The first movie had an open ending with a lot of promise for a part 2. Would you want a sequel? I wouldn’t mind

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