Infinite Dendrogram Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Characteristics

Infinite Dendrogram Season 2 is a Japanese light novel series written by Sakon Kaidō. Online serialization was done. However, the manga has got licensed yet.


The storyline follows the pattern of virtual setting. Infinite Dendrogram release was back in the year 2043. The dendrogram relives 5 important senses.

Later, Reiji Mukudori enters the world of Infinite Dendrogram and assumes the name “Ray Starling”. His friends and foes also follow him.

Characters On Plot :

  1. Reiji Mukudori :The protagonist and soon-to-be college freshman. During the battle of Gideon, he loses his left arm but is able to defeat both Hugo and Franklin.
  2. Nemesis : A special kind of AI that provides information about the tactical support given to the player.
  3. Shu Starling: Ray’s brother and an experienced plyer of Infinite Dendrogram.
  4. Rook Holmes: Ray’s helps him in the battle and late they discover the mysteries of Infinite Dendrogram.
  5. Babylon: Rook’s baby.


Reiji Mukudori

And many other characters like; Cyco, Hugo Lesseps, etc.

Infinite Dendrogram Season 2 : Release Date

Season 1 of Infinite Dendrogram was released on 9 January 2020. There are 13 episodes in season 1. Last means the 13th episode of season 1 was released on 16 April 2020.

Infinite Dendrogram

Season 2 was is news but the productions or shooting would likely to began in 2022. Therefore, no trailer.

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