Don’t breathe 3: Release date, Spoilers and latest updates

Don’t breathe 3 is an American thriller movie. It is produced and directed by Fede Álvarez. It is written by Álvarez and Rodo Sayagues. The Music of this movie is given by Roque Baños.

Don’t breathe 3: Highlights

Rocky, Alex, and Money are three Detroit offender who make livelihood by smashing into houses and stealing precious items. Rocky wants to move to California with her younger sister, Diddy, and run away from their offensive or rude mother and her alcoholic boyfriend. To the trio’s bitterness, their fence keeps underrating the things or materials they bring.

Don’t breathe 3: Release date

The release date of this movie is still not confirmed yet. The makers took nearly 5 years to come up with the second season of Don’t Breathe. However, as per reports, the third part of the film is currently under the pre-production stage. The movie might release in the year 2023.

Don't breathe

Don’t breathe 3: Spoiler

The plot of the sequel is still not known. The story can take up any direction. Fans can anticipate Rocky to return to Detroit to end Norman Nordstrom once and for all to requite the demise of her friends Money and Alex. The story might also focus on another home annexation in Detroit which Norman faces all alone. Or it could totally move the focus on the life of Phoenix as she takes care of Detroit after the passing away of Norman.

Where to watch this movie

You can watch this movie on Netflix and Amazon prime video. All the seasons are available in the Netflix or Amazon prime video app.

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Don’t breathe 3: star cast

  • Jane Levy as Roxanne
  • Stephen Lang as Norman Nordstrom
  • Dylan Minnette as Alex
  • Daniel Zovatto as Money
  • Franciska Törőcsik as Cindy Roberts
  • Emma Bercovici as Diddy
  • Christian Zagia as Raul
  • Katia Bokor as Ginger
  • Sergej Onopko as Trevor

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