Where to Find the Cow Catcher in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Cow Catcher in Fortnite is the recent vehicle mod announced in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. Players can lift them up from the ground like plunder and use them in vehicles to force every single thing and anything.

Cow Catcher in Fortnite: Locations

It is credit observing that there are no locked locations for the Cow Catcher. In addition, it cannot be accomplished or collected from Chests or Supply Drops. This entails that players can find them as a Floor plunder.

Cow Catcher is a usual item attributable to which its hatched rate is quite courteous. Players are prescribed to look for it inside fuel stations and garages in POIs like Chonker’s Speedway.

There is also a higher chances of searching the vehicle mod inside a red toolbox which is generally found inside gas stations and garages.

cow catcher fortnite

Cow Catcher in Fortnite Vehicle Mods

Vehicle mods haven’t been an important part of Fortnite meta till now. Players are used to driving vehicles without them, but now in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, the Cow Catchers seem to be essential.

With building mechanics infirmed, Cow Catchers can be used as a cover. Though, they are awesome for scampering through trees, walls, and other structures.

Loopers have described that the Cow Catchers in Chapter 3 Season 2 are dominated, and anyone who has them in the finale circle can easily win the game. There are many bugs related to Cow Catchers at the juncture. If players plunge into the ground with the vehicle mod, their vehicle might get agonized.

How to Destroy the Road Barriers in Cow Catchers

To bang through the five barriers necessary to complete the challenge, Fortnite fans have been going to the Daily Bugle area, which is description to have the most in a single area. The road barriers should be very easy to find but if you want to use a Battle Bus for the work, the best thing to do is to go to the Synapse Station or Sanctuary.

cow catcher
The east side of Sanctuary is one of the accessible places to find a Battle Bus, and the area needed can be searched by using the excrement path running between Sanctuary and close islands.

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