Transformers War For Cybertron Season 4: Release Date and More

Transformers is an media franchise. However, it was jointly fond by American toy company Hasbro and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy. The series portrays the transformation of machines into humans or vehicles or vice-versa. It also manufactures toys, games, animation, comic books, live action films, video games, etc.

Transformers Movies :


  • The Transformers: The Movie (1986)

Live Action:

  • Transformers (2007)
  • Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
  • Dark of the Moon (2011)
  • Age of Extinction (2014)
  • The Last Knight (2017)
  • Bumblebee (2018)
  • Rise of the Beasts (2023)

transformers war for cybertron

Transformers War For Cybertron Trilogy :

The Transformers : War For Cybertron is a third-person shooting game based on the Transformers Franchise. It was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows in June 2010. Moreover, its also a toy-line transmedia series. The plot is set on the home planet of the Transformers, i.e., Cybertron. Also the television series were officially launched on Netflix on 30th  April, 2020.


After all, the theme is all about science-fiction-action. Moreover, the depiction of the civil was between the Autobots and Decepticons before landing has taken place. The protagonist is Dark Energon, a more dangerous and destructive version of Energon, which powers the Transformers.

Transformers War For Cybertron Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Siege (July 2020)
  • Chapter 2: Earthrise (December 2020)
  • And Chapter 3: Kingdom (July 2021)

Transformers War For Cybertron : Season 4

However, the epic trilogy of Netflix is about to end. After all, the question here is what will happen to the Robots in Disguise? Previous chapters have been truly iconic and turned out to be much more lavish and ambitious than thought. Similarly, considering a handful of characters like Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Bumblebee have been spectacular as always. Most importantly, the crash landing of Autobots and Decepticons has taken place on the Earth’s surface.

transformers war for cybertron

Transformers War For Cybertron: Release Date

We were expecting it to land on July 28th, 2022 just similar time. Unfortunately, season 4 has been cancelled and there would be no further movies streamed. Therefore, Kingdom showed us about how all the events were tied and finally the whole universe is together.

However, the audience rather than heartbroken, must must look forward to the new Transformers movies to be launched soon in 2023’s.

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