Russia-Ukraine War Going To End Soon?!! Check Out All the Updates

The Russo-Ukrainian war is happening between Russia( Pro-Russian allies) and Ukraine. It began in 2014 ensuing the Ukraine Revolution of Dignity and it centers on the parts of Crimea and Donbas. Therefore, Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022 after Putin declared War with intention of his military intervention. The following updates will give you a clear picture of the present scenario.

Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine?

Initially, Putin said it is a “Special Military Operation” citing the reason for stopping a “genocide”. Ukraine has been perpetrated by “the Kyiv regime” to achieve the “demilitarization and de-Nazifiying of Ukraine.” Later on, the rhetoric was proven to be false. Instead, he wanted the regime change and the removal of Ukraine’s status as a Sovereign country outside Russia’s control.

Present Scenario:

After the invasion, this caused almost nine hundred people’s death and compelled the Ukrainian population in millions to flee away to neighboring countries like Europe. The United states on the other hand has come forward to help the refugees.

Besides this, after Russia’s striking demands which are to cease any military activity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the removal of multinational forces stationed in NATO’s Eastern European member states and to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO in the future. As this demands were non-viable, U.S.A has even attempted to impose sanctions on Russia’s trade.

United States and NATO:

United states alerted the Russia-Ukraine War as Putin had already sent his troops to the Russia Ukraine Border i.e. Luhansk and Donetsk. Putin claimed it served as “peacekeeping” purpose. Whereas, NATO is also helping by providing  weapons, ammunition, medical supplies and other vital military equipment to Ukraine, including areas such as cybersecurity and threats in the form of bombs, explosions etc. The aftermath of the tension between U.S.A and Russia will lead to revoking of Russia’s ‘permanent normal trade relations’ status for Moscow’s illegal invasion in U.S.A.

Will The War End Soon?

Firtly, the war just doesn’t end like the way we watch in films. It isn’t a typical way of defeating one side of the people and finally triumphed. It is a negotiation settlement between two groups in order to bring peace under a set of agreeable guidelines.

There were some other theories given by incumbent officials for the downfall of either one of the country. However, those circumstances are most unlikely to happen. Peace negotiations between the two sides are ongoing, and some reporting suggests they might bear fruit. But having said that, the U.S.A aren’t confirming the seriousness in the matter as it depends substantially on Putin’s decisions.

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