Who is Goblin Slayer? Goblin Slayer Face Reveal, History and Origin

Goblin slayer is the main character in the series who is an expert silver-ranked adventurer or traveller who chases goblins. He is the lead character of the Japanese dark fantasy popular novel series Goblin Slayer. It is written by Kumo Kagyu and directed by Noboru Kannatsuki. The story revolves around a group of adventurers who has a Guild and take many works to earn money.

Goblin slayer: Face reveal

A princess gets into trouble with goblins on her first task or assignment and is saved by Goblin, whose only desire is to kill goblins. He generally have a inexpensive and expendable blade of a small length dangling on his left thighs in a temporary bag, approving him to scabbard swords of any shape he retrieved.

Goblin slayer: History

He uses swords that appears as average to under average and is some times misunderstood. He uses such swords as they are the best in hunting goblins. He always wears a full dress of armor plate made for security and elasticity when hunting goblins. Slayer is believed to have magical items such as a ring that lets him breathe underwater and a gate documents that is joined to the base of the ocean.

goblin slayer

Goblin slayer: Real name

His real name is Goburin Suriya in Japanese. As a young child, he was the only child of a goblin franchise on his village. During the violence, he noticed his older sister being exploited and murdered while striking under the motorcar of his home. From there, he did not like the violent aim of killing all the goblins.face reveal
After the violence, he was saved by a robber who tutored him the powers needed to murder goblins. He used to pay his salary for his living. He is known a Specialist by the Guild for the huge number of goblins he has murdered and for his task of studying their character and biology.

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