Boeing 737 Airlines Crash In China Why It Happened.?

Boeing 737 is a narrow-body aircraft produced by Boeing at its Renton Factory in Washington. It has evolved for several years carrying large number of passengers.

The China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 was hovering from Kunming to Guangzhou. Accidently, it crashed in the Guangxi Province and caught fire. Before it’s flight, Boeing was checked and maintained . The last fatal accident seemed to be around 12 years ago.

However, the reason for this accident isn’t know yet! China was under the shock wave. President Xi Jinping ordered immediate investigation around the site. According to the sources the plane lost it’s normal height and drastically lowered down.

Crash Site Info :

The crash took place in just half of a minute. Flight MU5735 left Kunming at 13:11 local time (05:11 GMT) and was scheduled to arrive in Guangzhou at 15:05. The flight was about to reach it’s destination after an hour’s fly. It suddenly lowered towards the hills of Wuzhou. Importantly, this forest area was said to have a foggy weather. However, the pilot reported clear and enough good visibility. It was the annual  flood season in China and the plane lowered about 1000 meters in just three minutes.Boeing Plane Crash

According to FlightRadar24 data, the plane was cruising at 29,100ft, but two minutes and 15 seconds later it was recorded at 9,075ft. The last sourced information on the flight showed it ended at 14:22 local time, at an altitude of 3,225ft. This was a harsh technical failure in which the plane descended speedily.

Similarly, the whole lobby of 132 personals and nine crew on board was crashed. This was the worst disaster in the profound history of China. Till date no survivors are found and even the black box sounds missing. The black box is an instrument in every cockpit which provides with the recordings of the whole sound and the whole scenario that takes place.

The crash, in which the plane descended at a final rate of 29,000 feet a minute according to FlightRadar24, sparked a mountainside fire. All the variants of 737-800’s were grounded till then.

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