Final Fantasy 13: Best Weapons With All The Latest Update

Final Fantasy XIII is a Japanese science-fantasy media franchise created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and developed by Square Enix. The franchise focuses on a series of fantasy and science fantasy role-playing video games. It released in Japan in December 2009 and internationally in March 2010. Hence, it is the thirteenth installment in the mainline series.

List of Best Weapons

In Final Fantasy series, each character uses a specific kind of weapon. However there are many weapons with different stats and abilities. It has various components to level up the weapon, then transform it into a new weapon by using a catalyst(Trapezohedron). Furthermore, all weapons will end up as an Ultimate Weapon in their third form.

Final Fantasy 13: Best Weapons

Therefore, these weapons will have abilities similar to the weapon which will carry over to the Ultimate Weapon.
  • Blazefire Saber
  • Hawkeye
  • Vidofnir
  • Spica Defenders
  • Dragoon Lance

Final Fantasy 13: Best Weapons for Each Character

Lightining’s Blazefire Sabre (original weapon) is an excellent weapon choice. It has balanced stats which matches her role as a fairly. It is also the cheapest of her weapons to reform allowing her to reach higher levels well before her other weapons. Hope will have the highest magic stat in the group which can be greatly complimented by his Hawkeye weapon. Additionally, Vidofnir is also a good option for Hope. He’s one of the best Synergists in the game and this weapon will increase the duration of his defensive attacks.

Final Fantasy 13: Best Weapons

Sazh has some of the best spells as a Synergist such as Haste. Spica Defenders are pistols that boast functions to aid the survival of outdoor enthusiasts. With Fang being the strongest physical attacker, she needs a weapon that will help her boost her strength like the Dragoon Lance. It increases her physical attack strength to amazing levels and brings her as the main Commando.

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