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There are a lot of weapons to choose from in Dark Souls 2. But players are partial to the katanas as they tend to do a lot of damage and they have a lot of speed potential too. But there are a lot of variety in katana, and not all of them are suitable in each case. Players have to be cautious as some katanas in Dark Souls 2 might become more viable than others while playing.

Dark Souls 2

What are the best katanas in Dark Souls 2?

Take a look at our carefully formed list of katana in Dark Souls 2, and the best one according to us!

The mighty katana: Chaos BladeDark Souls 2

Plenty of gamer consider the Chaos Blade to be the best katana, even though it doesn’t come without self-damage. To be precise, if a player gets a strike through this katana, he or she incurs about 50 points of HP damage. But this amount of little damage can be afforded and managed through other means like restoration and Lifegems.

Coolest katana: Darkdrift

This katana mostly boasts of a transparent blade, and is one of the coolest looking katanas out there in Dark souls 2. Though it has a bit low counterattack, the katana’s physical attack is powerful. Furthermore, it is not difficult for gamers to acquire.

Longest reach : Washing Pole

This aptly named weapon may not be the best katana of Dark Souls 2, but players have the longest reach with this one. This longest reach is because of the katana’s length, which is almost the same as an actual washing pole. It also happens to be one of the heaviest katana. But the speed is not great for this katana, and the players also has less damage on counterattacks.

Katanas worthy of mention in Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2

These katanas may not be the greatest but still they have their uses. Some of them include Manslayer, Blacksteel Katana and Bewitched Alonne sword, and so on. All of them have different dexterity and power for damage. Some of the katanas from Dark Souls 1 have made a comeback in the second version. Players should try out and get an idea about which katana suits them the best.

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