Curious about Levi Heaton? Know 5 facts about Charlie Heaton’s sister

Everyone by now knows the brother and sister duo, Charlie and Levi Heaton. If you want to discover some surprising facts about her, read on! Both of them have been under the public eye and have made a name for themselves.

Some interesting facts about Charlie Heaton’s sister, Levi Heaton

Levi Heaton

Not just a sister of a popular actor

Most people know Charlie Heaton from the famous series “Stranger Things”.  But it is not sufficient to term Levi Heaton as just the sister of the popular Netflix actor. Indeed, she has a wonderful talent that cannot be overlooked. The fame of Charlie Heaton can’t cast a shadow over that.  Levi Heaton’s career had started way back in 2009.But when the Netflix series, Stranger Things exploded, people began to know her only as Charlie’s sister.

Having no trace of petty sibling rivalry, Levi Heaton has many twitter posts dedicated to her brother. She doesn’t seem to be intimidated by her brother’s popularity at all.

Famous Levi Heaton

Levi Heaton

As stated above, Levi might not be in a super popular series like Stranger Things, but her is successful in her own rights. Levi is an English actress, and she’s beautiful and skilled at her craft. She has worked in many TV shows, films as well as in theatres.

Her first project was “Vera”. Vera was a drama series, screened back in 2011. Levi Heaton played the role of Hannah Ferris, who was a runaway. Levi started her career with this British crime drama, and later moved on to projects like “McMafia” and “The Limehouse Golem”. The 30 year old is seldom seen in big projects now, but she has appeared in a couple of music videos.

Personal facts

Levi Heaton

Unfortunately, Levi Heaton doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her but some personal facts are known about her. She is from London, Britain. She is a Christian, and is of white ethnicity. Presently, she’s 30 years old, and her sign is Libra. Her birthday is on 25th September. Her hair is naturally brown, and has hazel eyes. She can even play drums and the guitar! But she is immensely private about her personal life, and especially her love life.

Social media presence of Levi Heaton

Levi may not have a dedicated Wikipedia, but she is active on social media. She has both a twitter account and an Instagram account. “@levi_heaton” is her Instagram ID and her twitter handle is “@leviheaton”.

Some unknown talents

It’s not just that Levi Heaton is a successful actor, she is also a talented musician. But the musical talent has it’s origin in her family itself. Her father Crispy Heaton, is a musician. Levi is also a talented dancer!  On top of that she also has a degree in musical theatre.

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