Boruto: Naruto Next Generations-Release Date, Spoilers and New Updates

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a popular teen ninja-anime and a sequel to Kishimoto’s  manga series Naruto, which follows the adventures of  Naruto Uzumaki’s son Boruto Uzumaki and his ninja team. Along with other fans, I also have been desperately waiting for release date, spoilers and new updates about episode 239 of Boruto.

Boruto: Release Date and Streaming Platforms

Boruto, season 1 of Episode 239, titled “The Boy From the Isle of Shipbuilders” the much anticipated episode is scheduled to be released on March 6, 2022. The episodes are streaming on various platforms like Crunchyroll and Hulu .

Boruto Episode 238-Recap.

In the flashback, the shinobis try to catch the killer of captain Taiki. While, the shinobis from the Konoha village and Land of Water are good enough. However, it was Kawaki’s thinking strategy that helps everyone to identify the actual culprit.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations-Release Date, Summaries and latest updates you need to know.

In order to catch the Funato clan member, Kawaki shares his plan to Boruto  and Iwabe. When the killer is finally present there, he has been cornered by them. He realizes that there’s no chance for him to escape, blows up the engine and kill himself . At last, they prepare themselves for the danger that surrounds them in the near future.

Boruto Epsiode 239- Spoilers Prediction!!!

In this episodeBoruto striving to find a way out of the ship after the engine is blown up. Stuck in the middle of the sea, he and the others are finding a way to make a safe escape. Iwabe takes the responsibility to fix the engine of the ship. He he soon contemplates that only a professional person can fix the engine. Everyone prepares to proceed out to get help.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations-Release Date, Summaries and latest updates you need to know.

However, the promo ends with showcasing Boruto combating with heat. Going by the title of the episode, he might be able to find a solution for a way out of the ship.

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