The Jay Camilleri And Sam Smith Relationship

Sam Smith has a new man in life! The recent academy award winner who is a singer of albums such as In the lonely hour, The Thrill of it all and Love Goes which has worldwide sales and fan following is dating a British Model Jay Camilleri. Sources suggest that they are been hanging out around and getting on great. But it also suggested the relationship is in the early stages. The song down below has around 1.3 Billion views.

Jay Camilleri And Sam Smith Relationship Of A Kind

Camilleri starred in the 2011 British reality series dirty sexy things which followed 8 models as they prepared for 8 shoots and also culminated in an exhibition for fashion photographer Perou.

The Jay Camilleri And Sam Smith Relationship


Camilleri should not have too much hard time adjusting to Smith’s high profile lifestyle which he is used to and as a singer of worldwide fame must be not that easy and maybe a bit cheeky for Camilleri to start a relationship with him of such a high profile singer. Earlier Camilleri has been characterised as a bisexual party boy in the TV series Dirty sexy things.

Who Are These Guys!

Well, Sam Smith is an English singer and songwriter who rose to fame first time in October 2012. He was featured in Disclosures breakthrough single named Latch as it rosed to number 11 in the UK singles chart. He was later featured n naughty boy’s LA LA LA which become number one single in May 2013. He has also later won the 2014 BRICS critics choice award and the BBC sound of 2014 poll. LAter his carrier just got more lavish and he is quite a fan following with discography on albums such as-In lonely hour(2014), The thrill of it all (2017)and love go (2020).

The Jay Camilleri And Sam Smith Relationship

And as far as the other guy named Jay Camilleri is a British Model who starred famously on dirty sexy things and it was quite famous.

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